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Taiwan is an island country. In the past was been colonized by Spain, the Netherlands and Japan, and received influence from both eastern and western cultures. The diverse culture and landscape of Taiwan as well as the friendly people living here, make it one of the most welcoming countries of Asia. There are 22 counties total, and 4 main regions divided between the north, central, south and the sparsely populated east. The northern part of Taiwan near Taipei has well developed public transportation, which saves time and money for visitors, making it a very convenient travel destination. The rich culture, mountain ranges and coasts of central Taiwan offer a great environment for relaxation or exploring nature, which is great for young visitors and students. The vibrant atmosphere of the south offers visitors a rich natural landscape with incredible historical forts and castles that tell Taiwan’s rich cultural history. For travelers that want to experience a taste of “the real Taiwan”, the south should not be missed. The vibrant natural beauty of the eastern region is one of Taiwan’s best kept secrets. The beautiful sites of eastern Taiwan are an unforgettable feast for the eyes. From the high mountains to the seashore and the rich culture of the indigenous Taiwanese groups, the east is a region for the adventurous spirit and the intrepid traveler.

No matter where you go in Taiwan, we can assure you a great travel experience. Come join us to experience traditional arts and crafts. Come to see the culture of the indigenous Taiwanese, and enjoy leisurely days of sand and surf. We’ve organized these “Sandwich Trips” so that you can freely visit places you’re interested in and do the things you like. We aim to make your travel experience memorable and think you will be surprised beyond your expectations.

From 18 possible tour options, you can choose the one you think suits you best, and we’ll do everything think we can to make your travel itinerary a success. From transportation and lodging, to meals and activities, ETEE has everything covered for your adventure in Taiwan. Our staff can speak English, Japanese, and of course, you can practice your Chinese throughout the trip! With ETEE your Taiwan experience will be hassle-free and we promise a relaxing visit to Taiwan!

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Tea Town Tour

  • 2015/04/11
  • NTD 1000

In this activity, we’re going to join in the tea-making process from picking the leaves until we can enjoy the final brew. There is a lot to learn as we go from the fields to the warehouse, where we will join in the panning process, and help with the kneading and roasting of the tea leaves. Then we’ll see the packaging and brewing process firsthand. Every step of the way, we’ll have an experienced master explaining the process to us. Taiwan’s Sanxia Green Tea is from a special variety of tea trees and it has a sweet flavor. Tea master Huang Wenxiong’s variety of Bi-Luo Chun tea, has year after year, received awards and international recognition. Furthermore, his research had led to several improved methods of growing tea trees, and his reputation as a Tea Master is unparalleled. Come with us to meet master Huang and learn the finer points of tea ceremony as well as some of the most important aspects that go into producing a world famous tea.

Lion Dance Experience

  • 2015/04/25
  • NTD 1000

This activity is celebrated across the world. The “Hongsheng Lion Dance Troupe” has performed in America and Europe. The Lion Dance is an aspect of traditional Taiwanese culture that is not to be overlooked, because the Lion traditionally represented “wishes” and “luck.” The Lion Dance can always be seen at the opening of a business or during New Year’s festivities, it’s done to welcome good luck. Participants will have the chance to join the Lion Dance Troupe and to try learning the proper drumming technique. This experience will give you a taste of traditional Taiwanese folk beliefs.

One Day As a Fisherman

  • 2015/05/17
  • NTD 1300

By going to the local sites and learning on site, participants can better understand the subtleties of Taiwan’s natural environment. On this trip we will experience stone weir fishing and learn about the ingenuity and wisdom of early fishing communities in Penghu. The stone weirs are one variety of an early fish trap made of stone. When the tide rises, schools of fish would enter the weir, and when the tide receded they would be trapped and easily caught by the fishermen. The weirs were constructed from stones found nearby and were made to withstand the tide and typhoons. The remaining examples of this ancient fishing technique are limited to Okinawa, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and some Polynesian islands. This trip will immerse you in the lifestyle and experience a day in the life of a traditional fisherman.

Tainan : Experience the Historical Taiwan

  • 2015/05/30 -2015/05/31
  • NTD 3600

When you hear “Tainan” what sorts of things do you think of? A city in the south of Taiwan? Or a place where you can fill up on amazing food? ETEE will help you dispel the mystery, and show you the modern face of Tainan as a place with a rich historical background and full of nostalgia. Visit the Confucian temple and the surrounding Fuzhong Market. See how some of Taiwan’s favorite children’s treats like “Peng tang” caramel candy is made. Travel back and forth between the old markets and historical sites, and the bustling brightly lit nightlife of the port district. In the “Ten Drum Culture Village” you can check out the powerful drum performance. And you have to experience the energy of Tainan’s old sugar refinery. Finally, we’ll visit the Qimei Art Museum, where beneath its beautiful western style exterior, you can find a wealth of amazing art.

Fun Tour in Yilan

  • 2015/06/13
  • NTD 1400

The Sanxing region of Yilan County is famous for its “Sanxing Green Onions.” Have you tried them? Come on!! Roll up your sleeves, and pant legs, we’re going to go to the fields to pick green onions, wash them and then learn how to do some cook some traditional dishes famous in the Yilan region. On this trip, ETEE will also show you how Taiwanese folk in the country side relax and enjoy a good time. You may have eaten shrimp in the past, but have you ever fished for them yourself? Come on down to Yilan. Of all the things you might do, don’t miss this. We’ve got a special prize for the winner of the “Master Shrimper” contest. Aren’t you interested to know what it is? This is a trip for those that want a real taste of leisure Taiwanese style.

Challenge Yourself: Kayaking

  • 2015/06/27
  • NTD 1300

Do you have to visit the most famous mountains and the biggest rivers to enjoy of kayaking? ETEE say “Absolutely Not!” In Taipei city you can have a relaxing kayaking experience. This is a great way to get away from the city, and enjoy a day in nature without spending too much time and energy. Regardless if you have experience or not, all you need is an interest in the outdoors, and we invite everyone to participate.

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