Explore Taiwan Educational Excursions (ETEE) was created in 2013.

Many foreign students did not have a suitable program for learning Chinese because of the class- only environment and we were inspired by this. ETEE designed a series of lessons to lead foreign students on trips to experience the cultures of Taiwan while at the same time learning Chinese. ETEE is the first educational institute that combines traveling and learning Chinese together.

Ideals of education

Inspiring Potential

Everyone has their own talents, but sometimes we choose not to see it and this affects us in a myriad of ways. Finding and using our talents is the key to this program.

Attaching Importance to Teamwork

In today’s society with the rise of individualism, people tend to do things on their own and with self-discipline. However individualism is not emphasized in this program because at Explore Taiwan Educational Excursions (ETEE) attaches a great deal of importance to the spirit of teamwork. We believe that the strengths of the group triumphs over the individual. Participants in this program will realize the advantages of teamwork after working with a team.

Cultivating an Ideal Character

People in the 21st century have to face many kinds of challenges with values being one of the most important. Here at Explore Taiwan Educational Excursions (ETEE) we strive to teach values that ensure a person’s quality.

Respecting Individual Differences

According to the experiences, abilities, and interests of different students, Explore Taiwan Educational Excursions (ETEE) will adopt individualized instruction. We do this by educating the students according to their natural abilities. The diverse teaching approach helps the students seek knowledge on their own, to succeed, and to expand their potential.

Pursuing Outstanding Achievement

We first make the others succeed then pursue personal accomplishments. The spirit of pursuing outstanding achievement and achieving happiness is our teaching responsibility, and this extends to every participant here at the program. We hope that everyone shares the importance and the achievability of this spirit to others close to us.

Creating a Positive Environment

By creating a positive environment, we ensure every student is part of a team, and ask that everyone join the classes we design with spirit. Not only do participants learn the language in our program but they also reinforce positive attitudes.

The Spirit of Helping

The classes arranged by Explore Taiwan Educational Excursions (ETEE) help build up the spirit of helping others. The students will see themselves grow up while helping others. The happiness we get from helping others is something we cannot get with money, and seeing ourselves grow up is much more fulfilling than waiting for the feedback of others.


Explore Taiwan Educational Excursions (ETEE) breaks the traditional teaching by not limiting the student to the classroom. We believe a classroom only environment limits the students' experiences. The program will tailor to the needs of the students and is not dictated solely by the teachers.We don’t provide the best accommodations during the trips, but we use teamwork, creativity, and challenge to create the best memories.The mission for ETEE is to continuously have the best quality and the most efficient learning platform, because we feel this is the best choice for learning Chinese and improving one's self.

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